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Among the Sleep – Worth It?!

What a game, what a great game! Let me start off by saying I love this genre… That scary first person scenic game, where exploring the area to seek out the story is the main objective. This particular game is especially unnerving. The art style of Among the Sleep is what caught me off guard, as there is a mix of realistic undertones with more exaggerated features for characters. In Among the Sleep, you control a child who’s imagination takes hold of him during the night. He ventures out of the safety of his crib to find his mother for comfort, and out of this tiny premise is a game with more heart that I have come across in quite some time. Following this game through to the end is an absolute must, as the development team here has taken the time to inject a moral into this story (Nicely done btw).

…will be sure to please any fan of its genre…

In this video Renzo, Targus and Bonal go over Among the Sleep to give you an idea if it’s worth your time. This very atmospheric game will be sure to please any fan of its genre, and is an absolute steal at anything less than $14.99. The game itself only takes a few short hours to beat, but by the end you will be glad that it isn’t drawn out too much. The story is very succinct and tight, and to have done it any other way may have diluted the message it was trying to portray. Have you played Among the Sleep and have any thoughts you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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