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Dark Souls 3 Giveaway!

Written by Renzokucant


Congrats to Ryan M from Utah for winning the copy of , he had a single entry and won! It only takes 1 people!


What an unbelievable game this is indeed! As many of you may know, Dark Souls 3 is finally out. If you are anything like me, you have been basically getting your ass kicked by this game for about 2 weeks strait now… But if you’re like me then you are also loving every minute of it! So in the interest of spreading the Dark Souls love we have decided to do a giveaway of the PC version of the game, and you are all invited to enter!

…it just keeps getting better every time I dive in!

Fat Robot Entertainment Dark Souls 3 Giveaway!

So far I have put in over 40 hours of blood, sweat and tears into this game, and it just keeps getting better every time I dive in! I’ve been a huge fan of the ‘Souls’ series for a very long time, ever since Demon’s Souls first showed up on the PS3, and I can honestly say that Dark Souls 3 may be the best one in the series yet. The gameplay is extremely well done, the mechanics are very tight, graphics are superb, and of course the difficulty level is… well… it’s on another level. If you have a lingering desire to get kicked in the teeth over and over again, then this is pretty much the game for you. Enter above for your chance to win our extra copy of Dark Souls 3 on PC, and good luck!

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we are! Please note that the prize is for a copy of Dark Souls 3 on PC via Steam, which is available in North America Only at this time and for this competition. Dark Souls 3 is Rated M for Mature, so you should only enter if you are 18+ years of age.

Thanks for entering and Good Luck!

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