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Final Fantasy 7 Fan Game

Let me tread lightly on this one… because this is a fan made game of a fully licensed product. Having said that, this demo, is just about the coolest thing i’ve seen all week!

A Final Fantasy game… a Final Fantasy Beat um Up game…

A Final Fantasy game… a Final Fantasy Beat um Up game… and a FINAL FANTASY 7 ONE AT THAT!?! I saw this article on Kotaku recently that was pointing this great project out.. It looks to be a demo of the first level of a fan project for a side scrolling beat um up final fantasy game.. It’s definitely awesome, and if you’re interested check out the info below to give it a shot for yourself.. hell i’d pay a few bucks for it… this demo however is free! Have you had a chance to check this out for yourself? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Kotaku Article Site:

Final Fantasy VII Re-Imagined Fan Site!

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