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Guild Wars 2 – Worth It?! 2 Years Later…

Have you ever bought a game, loved it like a child, and then sent it away to military school for a while and forgot about it? We have, but in the case of Guild Wars 2, we figured we would revisit the game, and see if it is still worth it a few years after its release! Bonal takes on Guild Wars 2 in this “Worth It?!” entry.. Over 2 years after the release of the game, we check to see how game stacks up.. We also check out this years Wintersday celebration and content.. (luckily it was the exact same as the previous 2 years…….. /sarcasm)

“Heart of Thorns” was announced as the first “Official” expansion…

[UPDATE] This was recorded slightly before PAX South and as of PAX South, “Heart of Thorns” was announced as the first “Official” expansion..


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