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Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Survival Drinking Part 2

If you enjoyed our first entry in our Survival Horror Drinking game, then you’re in luck, because here’s part 2… if you didn’t like, well, that hurts…

Boss Kill – Finish current Drink…

I’ve been survive drinking with friends for years, and it’s time to bring it to the rest of the world, so hang out with us and try to keep up!

Here’s them Rules! Drink if the following:
1. Attacked by a Zombie – 1 Drink
2. Death – 2 Drinks
3. Cutscenes – 1 Drink
4. Overacting – 1 Drink (Leaders Discresion)
5. Finding Green Herbs – 1 Drink
6. Heal to Full health a.k.a “Fine” – 1 Drink
7. Find New Weapons – 1 Drink
8. Throwback Resident Evil References – 1 Drink
9. Boss Kill – Finish current Drink
10. Chapter Complete – Finish Current Drink.

The difficulty of the game is based on the total number of beers it takes to complete, beers tallied at the end of game!

Disclaimer – 1 leader is elected for each gaming session (Rock Paper Scissors), and the leader reserves the right to call drink on anyone at anytime. Leader makes rulings on drink questions. ENJOY!

Have you created some fun drinking games in a different series? Let us know in the comments below!

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