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Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer

Let me start off by saying this game is not a bad game… I actually enjoyed the game, but I also have found myself not really caring to play it anymore. This is a hack and slash game made by Crytek, the team behind such amazing games like Crysis, and Far Cry. This game takes place in ancient Rome, and you play as a Legionnaire in the Roman Army. Eventually stuff happens, and things go down, and some stuff… Look it’s pretty, and bloody, it’s a pretty bloody game with multiplayer which is good enough for us!

… the colors really rip you out of the moment.

We just got Ryse Son of Rome on Steam for 50% off on a Steam weekend deal and figured we could give the multiplayer a shot. Overall this is really not too bad for $20! I only have a few gripes about the game, some things that one would say, “Grinds my Gears.” The game uses a pretty unique quick time system, which is color coded (Bleh). This color coded system allows you to come back at your target with predetermined special attacks that are especially brutal. The problem with this would be that the colors really rip you out of the moment, and the special attacks happen all the time which tends to make you numb to it after a level or two.

Typically when something as awesome as this game comes along i’m all over it, but unfortunately this game bombards you with repetitive gameplay, and desensitizes you to it’s own glory that I have found myself just losing interest at a quicker rate than usual. However, if you manage to pick this game up on a great sale, you will more than get your moneys worth with this one. Rule of thumb, if you can kill 8+ hours in a game for $20 or less, then you did good. Let us know what you thought of Ryse Son of Rome in the comments below!

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