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Bloodborne Bizarro Mode

Bloodborne has been out for some time now and it’s no surprise that there are still a lot of secrets left to find. While we are checking every inch of this game to find the next secret, I happened to find something funny that is more of a cool PS4 feature than a Bloodborne easter egg. The effect is pretty interesting though!

…very out of place for Bloodborne, but a lot of fun to play with!

We just found out that you can invert the color on your PS4 while playing a game, and thought it would be cool to check out Bloodborne with inverted colors! If you would like to try the same, just go to your PS4 setting menu, and scroll down to “Accessibility” and check off ‘inverted colors,’ and enjoy! The effect is pretty intense, as it turns a seemingly dark and dreary world into somewhat of a heaven like environment… very out of place for Bloodborne, but a lot of fun to play with! Have you found any neat tricks with Bloodborne? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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