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Bloodborne Boss Fight – Blood Starved Beast

One of the greatest parts of this game is it’s ability reduce you to a sniffling crying baby, but like all things persistence is key!

…this game that has finally cost me a controller.

The Blood Starved Beast is the first boss I have come across in this game that has finally cost me a controller. It took me a lot of dying to finally realize this guy was just letting me know I didn’t belong there… yet. Persistence payed off however and after a little trial and error, and a lot of level grinding I finally we got him! Just pay attention to those attacks, they show a pattern, and bring some antidotes! Check out my strategy in the video above, you can use it to see what attacks may be coming your way. Have you been caught off guard by the Blood Starved Beast as well? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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