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Bloodborne Boss Fight – Darkbeast Paarl

This is it, it’s happening… Now the hits from this game are coming at an accelerated rate. Needless to say, Darkbeast Paarl was not my favorite boss…

… I needed stop and rethink my life.

This was the first boss that I came across where I needed stop and rethink my life. After some careful reflection and a little leveling up for a few hours I was able to come back and best him. Tell us about your experience with Paarl, hopefully it was better than ours. Let us know how you beat him in the comments below!

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Like most of us, Mike has been an avid gamer since he can remember. He is a lover of all things related to the gaming culture, and is currently spending most of his time stocking his steam library with games he will never have time to play!

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