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Bloodborne Boss Fight – Elbrietas Daughter of the Cosmos

Time for me to go to Home Depot to get some spackle for my wall… Nearly 20 attempts and about 2 ps4 controllers later, Elbrietas has been slain! Seriously though, this boss fight was unbelievably hard and probably the hardest in the game, at least for me.

Nearly 20 attempts and about 2 ps4 controllers later…

We have been through a lot of boss fights up to this point, and the game has certainly been up and down on a pretty regular basis. This particular boss fight indeed takes the cake however. There hasn’t been a boss fight like Elbrietas in this game yet, and it’s almost hard to imagine another boss fight coming along that would be as hard or harder! How was your experience with Elbrietas? let us know in the comments below!

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