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Bloodborne Cleric Beast Boss Fight

We knew it was coming and it’s finally here, our first Bloodborne boss fight!

So here we are, ready to take on the first boss in Bloodborne… and of course, this game sure as hell didn’t disappoint! Bloodborne has earned its reputation as a tough as nails faithful successor to the Dark Souls series, and i’m sure we will have a lot of these boss fights in the near future. So stay tuned as we trudge our way through this game in hopes of coming out clean on the other side..

… having the game on for over 12 hours causes all the bosses to go dumb.

[Edit] Fun note about the game, it looks like Kotaku recently put an article out today in regards to a glitch a number of people are experiencing. Kotoku says that having the game on for over 12 hours causes all the bosses to go dumb… basically using up the games memory and causing all the baddies to forget their moves. Our game started fresh, so the bosses will be at full swing! Here’s the article for anyone looking for an interesting read!

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  • Furthermore, like his boss fight encounter, Father Gascoigne will transform his axe to extend it when his health is low, allowing him to hit the Cleric Beast from a longer distance while still being able to use his unique firearm.

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