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Dark Souls 3 Boss Fight – Abyss Watchers

I’ve discovered something about myself this week.. I have come to a new realization. It appears that I have discovered that grey area between the time that I beat Dark Souls 3 and the new release date for Final Fantasy XV… I shouldn’t have had any downtime, but unfortunately with the new delay on FFXV i’ll have to find something to do with all this gaming downtime! All this really means is that I now have plenty of time to bang out the clips and audio for our Dark Souls 3 Boss Fight series!

Dark Souls 3 is easily the best in the Souls series…

The good news here is that Dark Souls 3 is easily the best in the Souls series, at least in my opinion. This means that the boss fights in this game are second to none, and to prove it i’ll be dropping our experience with ever boss in the game (in no particular order). I’m starting off with a bang this time around, because this fight was absolutely epic, one of the best the game has to offer! The Abyss Watchers is probably one of the best boss fights in the game because it showcases how frantic and strategic the 1 on 1 toe to toe fights can be. Now to be fair, when I say 1 on 1 in regards to the Abyss Watchers, I actually mean 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 etc… This fight has a pretty epic surprise a few seconds in, check out our walkthrough on the Abyss Watchers above!

How was your experience with the Abyss Watchers, did you find it too easy or was the challenge just right? Let us know in the comments below!

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