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Dark Souls 3 – Early Crow Access!

Finding secrets in the Dark Souls universe is one of the more exciting aspects of the game. The developers have told us that Dark Souls 3 is so full of secrets, they believe people will be finding them for years to come! This game is so addictive it’s hard to believe that we haven’t found um all yet, but for now here’s one cool trick that may prove pretty helpful. Pickle-Pee and Pump-a-Rum are the games delightfully helpful crow NPC’s who love to trade trinkets for great gear. They have found their way into multiple Dark Souls games, and in Dark Souls 3 they are perched right atop the Firelink shrine!

…this little trick will continue to be helpful.

There are 2 ways to get to the crows in Dark Souls 3 (that we know of!), the first being the traditional way of purchasing the key. The next is a pretty neat glitch that allows you to use a defunct tree to hop up to the roof! Once you are up there you will be able to trade all sorts of items to the crows in exchange for useful gear and gestures. Whether you are on your 1st or 10th play through of Dark Souls 3 at this point, this little trick will continue to be helpful. If you don’t want to drop any souls on getting the Tower Key from the shrine maiden, you can use this trick to get to the roof instead! Have you found any new glitches or tricks in the game, let us know in the comments!

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