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Dark Souls 3 – How to Make Harley Quinn!

There has been a lot of great footage to come out of Dark Souls 3 so far and character customization is some of the funniest! We recently put out a great video on how to make Deadpool, as well as The Joker… So per popular demand here is how to make Harley Quinn in Dark Souls 3! You can really start with any of the preset faces at first, but for the best results you may want to start off with the ‘Astora Noble’ one.

… the gift that keeps on giving…

So far Dark Souls 3 is like the gift that keeps on giving, and multiple playthroughs are a forgone conclusion. Keep it here for more character designs to do your subsequent playthroughs with, and remember to keep the suggestions coming! There are a lot more characters that have yet to be created and once we get them completed we will post them here for you to try too! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check us out on our social media sites!

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