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Dark Souls 3 – How to Make The Joker!

There is always going to be that one character, that no matter how much time goes by, will always be remembered as amazing. The Joker is definitely one of those characters. Injecting the Joker into different scenarios is one of the things that will keep his character appeal fresh… and so, back by popular demand as a character created in the Dark Souls series, The Joker!

…a nice big smile with crazy undertones of course!

This character build took a good bit of time to get just right, and I think that this style of Joker is one of the better ones out there. I’d like to imagine my Joker as a slightly older man by this point in life, so I made sure he had some wear and tear in his face while keeping the menacing glare of the eyes. The smile of course has to be nice and large, with some of those crazy undertones of course! Take a look at the video above if you are interested in playing as this character in your new Dark Souls 3 adventure, just follow the slider prompts that I did, and remember to start with the “Great Swamp Outcast” head initially. I hope you like my version of The Joker, let’s spread him around and see if every time you face someone in PvP in Dark Souls 3 you end up facing THE JOKER!!

Don’t forget to stay tuned, because we have a TON of other characters that we have created, we’ll post them here for you to try too! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check us out on our social media sites!

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