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DiveKick – Worth It?!

Man, this game is stupid in all the right ways! Are you tired of fighting games with all those characters… Are you fed up of too many buttons… are you sick of remembering countless combos? Well, Divekick is for you. This is a game designed around simplicity of control and the biggest joke factor. Choose between a plethora of hilariously designed characters that make fun of the best of the best in the fighting genre, and try to kick them in the face.

The best part of this game is how it can be so simple…

The best part of this game is how it can be so simple, using only 2 buttons, but so deep at the same time. In Divekick you have two options, you can jump or you can kick… but when you should do that is the real question. Trying to fake out your opponent is key, and having a friend to play with makes this game infinitely more enjoyable! Trying to guess when that big hit is going to come is practically 80% of the fun.

Mike and Brandon tackle DiveKick in this weeks Worth It?! This game was part of the PSN Flash sale over Valentines Day weekend, and we picked it up for about $4.00. Have you played Divekick and have a story to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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