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Final Fantasy XV Demo – Duscae Glitch

Now that we have had time to do a deep dive into the new Final Fantasy XV Demo, we can really start to peel away the layers. After spending a solid 10 hours with the game, we are now finding that there is a glitch going around that allows you to leave the predetermined borders of the game! We figured we would give this new glitch a test to see what it’s all about and explore the parts of the Demo that the game developers didn’t want you to see! What’s weird about this is… there are ITEMS OUT THERE!! True story.

…see how we broke the demo.

It’s an extremely large area outside of the confines of Duscae, and it looks like there could be a lot more getting added to this area perhaps in the future! Check it out and see how we broke the demo. Have you found any interesting glitches in the new Final Fantasy XV demo, let us know in the comments below!

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