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Silent Hill P.T. Demo – Teaser Trailer Ending

If you were fortunate enough to download the P.T Demo before it was taken offline, consider yourself a very lucky person! For those who unfortunately missed the opportunity, there are a lot of great videos online that showcase this amazing ‘Playable Trailer,” however there has been a lot of speculation about the final steps to complete the P.T – Demo and see the teaser trailer for the upcoming Silent Hills game… (Which has now been famously cancelled) Here is a walkthrough of our completion of the Final Step!! (With all puzzle pieces included!)

Rinse and Repeat, DON’T MOVE!

This takes place after the “initial” demo portion has been completed, and you are on your final loop.

  1. Wait until the clock strikes midnight.
  2. There are 2 picture pieces on the floor by the clock and plant.
  3. Take 10 steps and stop for baby laughter.
  4. Above the bathroom door to the left, in the corner is another piece.
  5. Another puzzle piece on the floor by the phone desk.
  6. Another puzzle piece on the steps by the loop door.
  7. Final puzzle piece is in the start menu, zoom in at the contrast screen.
  8. Look at the “voices from hell” wall (zoom in)
  9. Then look at the phone (zoom in)
  10. Rinse and Repeat, DON’T MOVE! After the second baby laugh. Wait for the controller to finish vibrating, then it will laugh again. The phone will Ring, zoom in on it. Then you’re done!

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