PS4 Worth It?!

Strider HD PS4 – Worth it?!

Hey everyone! got a little video here of my experience with the PS4 Version of Strider HD! … An extremely frustrating little game that I picked up, find out if the purchase is worth your time!

…cowboy the F*$k up…

Strider has been bangin around the video game world for many a year now, but here he is, back in all his HD glory, but is it worth your time and your money? Overall, it’s really coming down to your tolerance for pain.. This game is hard.. and when I say hard, I mean kick you in the teeth, spit on your neck, fantastic (Sarcasm implied)! Turning this games difficulty setting down a notch, turns it into a mindless bore, and to cowboy the F*$k up is somewhat of an act of insanity thanks to the extreme difficulty level. when all is said and done.. this game is really a test of skill, and getting through it the hard way, will really leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Happy Hunting!

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