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Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut – Worth it?!

Remember Zone of the Enders… wish there was a great sequel to that with more exciting mech game play, awesome weapons, and great looking effects? Well there was, it was called Z.O.E HD Collectors edition… However if you were already on top of that game and wanted even more! Then Strike Suit Zero Directors cut is for you.

…manages to remain gorgeous.

Strike Suit Zero is a very cool game available on almost all platforms, but is currently on a Flash Sale on the PSN! It has a nice mix of cross genre game play between arcade flight combat, and Mech/Gundam combat. While the game is not the most graphically enhanced thing we have ever played, it makes amazing use of what its got and manages to remain gorgeous. We picked this game up for $4.00, with its original price clocking in at $19.99.. so definitely a steal! Let us know what you think of Strike Suite Zero in the comments below!

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