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Top 10 Bloodborne Boss Fights

Today I decided to take a break from Dark Souls 3 to reflect on another great game in the series, the spiritual sibling Bloodborne! Bloodborne was an absolutely fantastic entry that put our skills to the test in every way possible. In honor of the games great difficulty, I wanted to do a countdown of the Top 10 boss fights!

…these are the bosses that I thought were the coolest and most memorable!

There were ton’s of great enemies scattered throughout the game, and the boss fights are some of the greatest in any game ever. Going through each boss fight I wanted to create the list, not based on difficulty, but instead on the lasting impression that it left with me. I hope you enjoy the list since these are the bosses that I thought were the coolest and most memorable! Below is the list from 10 – 1, don’t forget to let us know what your favorite boss fights in Bloodborne were! Sound off in the comments below!
Here’s my list!

10. The One Reborn
9. Vicar Amelia
8. Shadow of Yahrnam
7. Rom, The Vacuous Spider
6. Father Gascoigne
5. Darkbeast Paarl
4. Gehrman, The First Hunter
3. Amygdala
2. Margo’s Wet Nurse
1. Elbrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos


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