PS4 Worth It?!

Towerfall Ascension – Worth it?!

Towerfall Ascension is one of those games that requires 3 friends and many a beer to get the most out of. This was an indie game that was released back in 2013 on the PS4, Vita, PC, and even the ill fated Ouya platform.  The game revolves around a Super Mario arcade type gameplay, but with  arrows.. Lot’s and lot’s of arrows and head stompin! The game was a great buy, and was even free on PS+ at one point!

… this game is phenomenal

Today we were lucky enough to get to bring you our opinion on Towerfall Ascension on the Playstation 4, and needless to say this game is phenomenal, we hope everyone at some point gets a chance to pick this game up and enjoy with friends!

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Like most of us, Mike has been an avid gamer since he can remember. He is a lover of all things related to the gaming culture, and is currently spending most of his time stocking his steam library with games he will never have time to play!

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