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Written by Renzokucant

Batman Arkham Knight is one of those games that had the potential to be pretty polarizing among the fans, but in true Batman fashion it managed to come out on top once again! Now whether you loved or hated the Batmobile in this game is one thing, but not many can deny that it looked absolutely bad-ass! Now here’s the warning, there are DEFINITELY a ton of SPOILERS in the images below… so if you haven’t played Arkham Knight yet, view at your own risk!

…there is no shortage of amazing things to look at or discover.

Like all Batman games Arkham Knight doesn’t skimp on the scenery. With one of the most robust and alive cities in any of the Arkham games to date, there is no shortage of amazing things to look at or discover. Below are some of our favorite screenshots from Batman Arkham Knight, one of our favorite Batman Games to date! Have you played Batman Arkham Knight? Let us know what you thought of the game in the comments below!

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