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Written by Renzokucant

I think we all know that Bloodborne could have gone one of two ways… Being somewhat of a different spin on the Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls style game play it very well could have been a disaster, usually if something ain’t broke you don’t fix it.. Luckily for us gamers the tweaks that were made to the Dark Souls formula turned out to be a nice departure from the norm while maintaining enough of that great ‘souls’ winning formula!

…gamers are immersed into a world of terror and intrigue.

Bloodborne is also one of the most visceral games ever created, with an extremely dark Gothic look and feel, gamers are immersed into a world of terror and intrigue. This was one of the most fun games I have ever had the pleasure to play, and once again a made sure to screenshot my way through it! Check out our gallery and let us know what you thought of Bloodborne in the comments below!

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