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Written by Renzokucant

Now THIS is what a great FPS game should be! Destiny is by no means perfect, but all the right pieces are there in my opinion… When the game first game out it almost appeared like there would be a rocky future ahead of it. There was a clear lack of story, a few balancing issues, and loot complaints from the fans. Like any good developer however, Bungie put a lot of time and effort into smoothing out the edges, resulting in a very deep and beautiful space opera game!

Bungie does not disappoint!

Now Destiny has the luxury of being created by a very well bankrolled developer in Bungie, so when it comes to scenery and epic things to look at, the fans expect nothing short of the best.. Luckily for us, Bungie does not disappoint! Here are some screenshots from Destiny, with more on the way. Have you played Destiny, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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