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Pokemon GO – Phenomenon or Fad?


If you are able to tear yourself away from your phone long enough to read this, then I applaud you.. Pokemon GO is one of those games that came onto the scene like a wildfire, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon! We of course also got wrapped up in the hype and decided to take some time to go over the pros and cons in our Worth it Video this week!

Pokemon is one of the most Popular franchises in the world…

Let’s begin with the fact that this game is a free download on Android and IOS… so you’re already winning.. Anytime you can find an interactive Nintendo title that is anywhere around the free mark, you’re probably in for a pretty decent ride. Let’s pair this with the fact that Pokemon is one of the most Popular franchises in the world and Niantic games has a real winner on their hands. According to recent numbers Pokemon GO has surpassed 30 Million downloads (as of 7/20/2016) on its way to making over $30M! How did they make all that money you may ask?.. Micro transactions! Yes the game has a good amount of micro transactions available for anyone who is so inclined.

Gameplay on this one is pretty simple.. you basically walk around, phone in hands and attempt to catch Pokemon in an augmented reality situation while trying not to get hit by traffic.. The game requires a little bit of imagination on the users part for the full effect, but this is simple enough for anyone to do. When entering into a Pokemon battle it’s usually best to make sure your camera is pointed at something moderately interesting, like the ground… This way you can get the full effect. There have been many times where we tried to catch a Pokemon but had to get taken out of the experience by a Charmander standing on the wall. There is also an interactive element to this game with other players in the form of Pokemon Gym battles. Once you reach level 5 you can choose a “faction” to join which best suites your Pokemon training style, think Planetside 2… Once you have a team you can go up to any Gym and challenge other teams who may be posted up there for experience points and fame.

I have clocked nearly 20 miles of walking in the roughly 2 weeks

In my opinion the big thing to remember with this game is what it’s getting people to do.. exercise! I’m not the most in shape person out there and walking any distance is not a daily thing for me, but the simple fact remains that this game has pulled me off my couch! As of writing this I have clocked nearly 20 miles of walking in the roughly 2 weeks the game has been out. I find myself walking all over downtown Tampa during my breaks at work, even taking the long way back to my car to try and catch a Pikachu or Meowth in the area! Other than a few silly people who are making the news for being highly negligent of their surroundings, this game has definitely had a positive impact on my daily activities.

Is Pokemon GO the greatest game to hit mobile devices, no, not by a long shot… Is Pokemon GO one of the greatest ‘Mobile Apps’ of all time as far as user engagement goes, hell yes… In fact from what I hear, Twitter is even getting a run for its money. If you like Pokemon and want to spice up your daily activities a bit, Pokemon GO is absolutely one of the best mobile gaming experiences you can find… Just don’t play and drive! Let us know what you think of Pokemon GO in the comments below!

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